Coming in 2024

A screenshot of SHORT FUSE.

For one reason or another, your employer has a LOT of bombs. No one would send out untested bombs, so it's QAs job to defuse them! Wait... are cakes normally bombs? Never mind that. Chase the clock, snip red wires, and try not to think too hard about the logistics in SHORT FUSE!

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About the Team

A headshot of Charles Reverand.

Charles Reverand

Director & Programmer

Charles is a dedicated member of the minituna team, always looking to bring the most out of any scenario and a recent RPI graduate to boot. In the past, he's worked on Steal Yourself, Pengowl, and Ensemble of Spirits among others. He has high hopes for SHORT FUSE, which he hopes to share! Learn more about Charles!

A headshot of Mike Farley.

Mike Farley

3D Artist

A senior at RPI, Mike is majoring in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences and Electronic Arts. He has worked on many projects as a 3D artist, creating both environments and characters. He recently worked as a Game Design intern for BestLogic Staffing, where he developed an interactive experience centered around the hiring process. Among other games, Mike has also worked on Steal Yourself, which was nominated for an award at GameFest 2022. Learn more about Mike!

A headshot of Max Kenny.

Max Kenny

Level Designer & Community Coordinator

Max gives you the right bombs to defuse at the right time! He also makes sure you feel rewarded for being a good employee. He's leaving the job up to you because he would rather stick to game and level design in his spare time rather than risk his life in a bomb factory. Ask him about VVV, which was exhibited at GDC 2023, or Grapple Fisher DX, which was at alt.ctrl.GDC 2024! Learn more about Max!

A headshot of Chad Van Patten.

Chad Van Patten

3D Artist & Animator

A senior majoring in Games Simulations Arts and Sciences with a concentration in 3D Animation and 3D Modeling at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Chad has worked on a number of games in the past such as Steal Yourself, Krack-e-Lacken and Pengowl among these games Chad has also done freelance Modeling and Animations. Learn more about Chad!

A headshot of Jakob Eneman.

Jakob Eneman

Narrative Designer & Voice Actor

Jakob is an RPI senior who specializes in narrative-focused mechanical design. He has a special love for analog games, but has experience in all kinds of storytelling mediums. When he's not making TTRPG hacks or story games, he writes for his self-published serial web novel, Veil, which currently stands at seventy five thousand words! Learn more about Jakob!

A headshot of Kend'or Wilson.

Kend'or Wilson

Game Designer & Composer

Hi! I'm Ken, a senior in RPI's GSAS major while also studying Cognitive Science. I have a passion for sound design and iterating on game mechanics. I work as a game design intern at Son of Oak game studios, and I am the composer, sound designer, and a game designer for Short Fuse at minituna. I enjoy long walks thorugh Mahi Mahi Resort.Learn more about Ken!